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  • I get the problem

    Hi, Could someone let me know if they have had a similar experience and what happened? I went for my Biometrics today, and I forgot to state my former name on the Applicant Information Sheet that they gave me to fill out before doing the Biometrics. When I returned home, I realized the omission as I was putting away the documents (they returned the Information Sheet to me after the Biometrics).

    I then went back to the ASC and the lady at the reception took a good look at the NOA for the Biometrics, which they had stamped and signed, and then said:"There is nothing to worry about. You are fine. All is well. Have a good day."

    Should I worry? The Biometrics are for Naturalization.

    Otherwise the Biometrics went very well, and the person who did it was very nice.

    Thank you.​
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    Actually, if there is a deadline to appeal if there is a mistake, you can wait. In case you need it urgently, please ask for permission to check again. If I were in your situation, I would also be really worried. geometry dash lite
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