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Visa for staying in India working freelance

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  • Visa for staying in India working freelance


    I have the following situation, due to my partner I am planning to move from Germany to India to the city where he would be based. I currently work as an inhouse translator and would want to acquire freelance status in the upcoming months and work in India on freelance basis.

    My question is whether anyone has experiences with this? Or more information on how to deal with the application? Business visa seems to be too strict to acquire, the yearly income limit of 25,000 dollar I would earn, but since I would be working for German firms mostly, the process doesn't apply in my case and I can't find any more information on freelance work.

    Is it possible to get a longterm visa living and working freelance in India? What documents do I need to provide for approval if so? Is there any other possible way I can handle this and stay in India for a couple of years?

    Thank you for any input