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Problem with OCI for my 6 month daughter @ SFO

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  • Problem with OCI for my 6 month daughter @ SFO


    This site helped me to get familiarize with OCI application procedure. I have come to USA for research purpose and, myself and my wife both are Indian Nationals by birth. We have a 6 month old daughter, who is a USA citizen by birth and has US passport.

    I prepared OCI application for my daughter according to SFO CGI requirements and sent it across to Indian consulate. After 3 days, I recieved my package back, saying that, "Applicant is not eligible for OCI- as Applicant is a minor whose both parents are Indian Nationals" As far as I remember, I have'nt come across this requirement, either on this site/ or at the SFO CGI website.

    Do I need to apply for PIO card now? Any replies/suggestions are welcome.


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    I got my daughter's application rejected for the same reason too. In fact I did check with them before applying for her.

    So I checked again with them why they rejected it when initially they said I could apply. Looks like they got it clarified from India only last week and it clearly says it in their web site now.

    Now I'm in the process of applying for her PIO card. Hoping to reuse the photos I sent in for OCI 'cause it's hard to get her pose for the photos again.


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      See the FAQ#32 at the following link..


      Are minor children whose both parents are Indian citizens, eligible for OCI?

      I checked at the Chicago Indian Embassy also in person and they suggested to apply for PIO instead of OCI for minor children whose both parents are having Indian Passports only..


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        If both parents are Indian citizens, and if the child is US citizen, you can't apply for OCI for child.

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