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Eligibility for foreign address printed in Indian passport

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  • adilahiri
    I am in a similar position but I have an F-1 visa. Do you now know what the eligibility requirements are?

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  • adibombay123
    Hi Murry,
    Did you get to know what should be done in this case. I am in similar situation and not sure whether I should put US address as the address to be printed on my passport

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  • Liberty48
    The world is not perfect. Not every government process meets everyone's situation. Just work it out. Get the last known address, a friend or a relative you may hate the least! With that said, why do you want to get an OCI if you don't have anybody in India? Many third, fourth and later generations don't have anybody in India. I saw somebody posting a question about how to get OCI if they are n-th generation NRI. Why do they need OCI? I don't know. I am just asking.

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  • Eligibility for foreign address printed in Indian passport

    Hello All:
    I am Indian citizen and currently in the process of applying for renewal of my Indian passport. I am currently in USA on H1B visa and 140 approved.
    Both my parents passed away long time ago and I do not have any address in India. I don't wish to use any of my relatives/friends Indian address for the sake of my passport renewal.

    In the govt of India website for NRI passport renewal, there's a option.to print India address or foreign address on the passport. I like to choose foreign address that is my current USA address.
    However, there is a caution that says "please refer to the website of the relevant Embassy/Consulate/Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) to check your eligibility (and list of required supporting documents) to get foreign address printed on the passport"

    Now my question is , How do I know I am eligible to print my foreign address(USA) on the passport and what documents will be required.

    I couldn't find eligibility and required documents anywhere in CKGS or Consulate General of India(CGI), Chicago website.

    Google search shows up nothing for eligibility

    Has anyone tried to print USA address in passport and completely skip Indian address . what was the procedure , documents and eligibility criteria?

    I will try to call CKGS and CGI office in the morning and see what information I can get.
    Anyways I am posting here if someone knows the procedure and others like me can take advantage of any information shared here.

    Thank you