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For OCI Card at New York Consulate Birth Certificate Apostille

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  • For OCI Card at New York Consulate Birth Certificate Apostille

    So I know that getting your child's birth certificate Apostille is such a hazard. So based on my experience here is the following very important and relieving information:

    If you are filing up the OCI Application for your child who is born in USA then you must have come across that you should get the Birth Certificate Apostille. This is what is written on how to fill the OCI form, on the list of documents to be submitted at the CKGS website aswel as on the GOI website.

    Thereby like any one would I went through the hassel of getting the Birth Certificate Apostille. I stay in Jersey City and my LO was born in Engelwood Hospital so I sent my LO's birth certificate to the State of New Jersey Department of Treasury at Trenton via courier and had it all done. BUT on our appointment day while we were submitting all the documents then the lady at the CKGS counter returned the apostillle and asked for a copy of the Birth Certificate.
    She said that i is not required and so I showed her the places where their website says that it is an absolute requirement. Her colleague came and said that the consulate at the New York does not require you to submit an apostille birth certificate but some other consulate do.

    So if you live and your child is born in New Jersey and the consulate you are going to is New York then you may not need the Apostille Birth Certificate.

    The CKGS cannot ammend their website as it is used world wide so the information has to remain that way.

    Hope this information comes handy to all of you.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    The whole Apostille requirement is crazy!! You send your original passport that has the birth date and a notarized birth certificate should be enough. What value does it bring getting the birth certificate Apostilled? Someone who wrote the process dreamed about something and added this Apostille requirement.

    I did send the original birth certificate in Illinois on just a first-class stamped enveloped and $ 2 check and got it apostilled!! It took a week. I risked it and got it ok. I sent the Apostilled certificate with the original in the OCI application. CKGS sent the original back to me.