Hello there,

I was wondering if there is anyone who applied for the OCI reissue for a new passport and also had to change their current residential address in the US. If so, please let me know how you managed this.
I applied for using the Misc services but when I input the OCI number and the current passport to which OCI has been linked and uploaded the images, it generated the OCI application form with all my details. The US address in the form was my old address and there was no way I could change the same. However, on the CKGS site, there was a button to inform them of a change of address and when I clicked it acknowledged the request. I also wrote a covering letter informing the change of address and submitted current address proof in the form of my DL and utility bill copies. I got the OCI re-issued but disappointingly, it still has my old address. At least if I know what needs to be done to have this changed, I can be cautious when I apply for my family members.

Thank a lot in advance.