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Questions about OCI In Lieu of PIO for minor

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  • Questions about OCI In Lieu of PIO for minor


    Here is my situation:

    - My minor son is a citizen of USA by birth. He got his PIO in 2013.
    - I and my wife became naturalized citizens of USA in 2019
    - I recently submitted the OCI applications for me and my wife a few weeks ago. The process is not complete and we are waiting for our OCIs.

    I am now intending to submit the "OCI in Lieu of PIO" for my son while our OCI applications (that of the parents) are pending. My questions are:

    - What documents should I upload to the government website?
    - What documents should I submit with the physical application to CKGS?

    For the documents to upload, I do see the list on some forum posts:

    - Birth certificate of minor applicant
    - Parents' Indian passport
    - Marriage certificate of minor applicant's parents

    I don't think this list is applicable to us, especially the Indian passport, as our Indian passports are not valid anymore.

    Any help appreciated.