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OCI Renewal -- Passport sticker/stamp?

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  • OCI Renewal -- Passport sticker/stamp?

    Hi all, I and my wife just got our OCI cards renewed. The last time we did this, we got a sticker/stamp in our passports. This time there is no information about that. Have they changed the system? Are passports not stamped anymore? Are we good with a new OCI Card and no stamp/sticker in the passport? Any information appreciated.

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    Yes, no more visa stamps with OCI. I think they used to do visa stamps with PIO cards. Don't know if they ever did when they moved to OCI completely.
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      Thanks Don! That helps. Stay well.


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        Yes, No more OCI card stickers affixed in the Current Passport. I think they must have changed long time back.

        Government of India has decided to dispense with the "U" Visa sticker on the foreign passport of OCI card holders with immediate effect. Accordingly, Immigration authorities shall not insist on production of foreign passport containing the "U" Visa sticker in the case of OCI card holders while they enter/exit India. OCI card holders shall now be given Immigration clearance on the strength of their valid forign passport and OCI Registration Certificate (OCI booklet, popularly known as OCI card).


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          Thank you Sathak.