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India VISA application for minor US citizen

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  • India VISA application for minor US citizen


    I am in the process of applying for an India VISA for my 2 kids (< 2 years old), who are US citizens. I am an Indian citizen. Because my children are minors, my wife and I need to submit a copy of our passports (in addition to other forms of course).

    My issue is my passport expired 3 months back, but I have already started the renewal process: I have submitted the application to India gov website and I have ARN, but am yet to submit the physical packet to VFS. Can I still apply for my kid's India VISA and simply mention that i have started the process of renewing my passport? Or will the application be rejected?

    Also: any idea if I can send in both applications (for my 2 kids) in the same envelope and request their passports be returned in 1 envelope? Hope that isn't an issue.


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    Your kid's visa application has to be sent separately. You will submit your passport application to VFS and the kids visa application directly to the consulate. VFS does not currently process visa applications.


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      I suggest you get the OCI for your kids. It is good until they turn 20 years per the new rules https://ociservices.gov.in/MiscNew.pdf

      But for both visa and OCI, they may require your valid passport. Might be worth to wait until you get your new passport before starting this process for your kids.
      New OCI foreign origin spouse to Indian Citizen:
      Feb 11: Submitted application
      Feb 23: Received by VFS Houston
      Feb 27: Missing birth certificate (BC)
      Mar 01: BC uploaded
      Mar 02: US passport received
      Mar 10: Application under process
      Mar 18: Processed in VFS & transit to embassy
      Mar 25: Reached embassy, review process
      May 05: CGI Houston email for video interview
      May 08: Video interview with spouse
      May 12: OCI Govt website shows acknowledgement (prior to this, it said record not found)