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OCI renewal for minor pending over a month. Upcoming travel

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  • OCI renewal for minor pending over a month. Upcoming travel

    My minor teen son has his OCI renewal pending for over 5 weeks. The status has been "Your application has been acknowledged by competent authorities. It is under consideration." for a while now.

    We have an upcoming travel planned for India. Some queries:

    1. Do we need to cancel the family travel in case we don't see the status update on the OCI site prior to departure. (Tickets are non refundable)
    2. Can we still travel by carrying additional documents like a print out of the pending status, cancelled passport(s) including U sticker. If yes is there any government publication we can refer to/show to the immigration officer?
    3. Any way to expedite the OCI renewal
    4. ..

    Can someone suggest what we can do here? Both parents have OCI


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    Any suggestion?


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        I am in the exact same boat as you. It has been 40 days since we updated passport details but it still shows as "Under Consideration". Sorry this is not of any help, but just to affirm that the same situation is being faced by others as well.


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          Based on some of the other experiences on this forum, it looks like it is taking between 35-45 days.


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            Ok, more information . According to a circular issued by MHA, the OCI Card Holder should be able to travel EVEN if the information has not been updated in the system.

            The details will be updated on the system and an auto acknowledgement through e-mail will be sent to the OCI cardholder informing that the updated details have been taken on record. There will be no restriction on the OCI cardholder to travel to/ from India during the period from the date of issue of new passport till the date of final acknowledgement of his/ her documents in the web-based system.

            See the link below


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              I guess we should just carry all the old cancelled passports along with the new one to be safe. (And a copy of this notice from mha)

              BTW. I have not received anything and its 45 days!


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                Same here. Today is day 45 for me.