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OCI reissue for minor and OCI application for minor

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  • OCI reissue for minor and OCI application for minor

    Hi everyone, I am trying to start the application for OCI reissue for minor since we have to travel to India in Dec and this is for my 8yr old son. He has a OCI and a new US PP and hence the reason for reissue. I am kinda stuck in the first step. I select "Apply as minor" Two lines below this is a question - "Are you a US national" - Am i answering this for myself or my kid. The answer varies since he is by birth a US citizen and i am a naturalized citizen. And then there is the job details. Again - is the question to be answered for my kid or myself? I am not sure what the subsequent pages entail but what should I be prepared for? Do we need digital pictures in addition to hard copy?

    Also, I have the above questions for another kid for whom I am applying OCI for the first time