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Bringing things from India to USA

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  • Bringing things from India to USA

    I'm relocating to Dallas,Texas in 2weeks. It would be helpful if you can share what are the items that we can bring. I'll be travelling with my wife. Following are my questions.

    1. What cooking utensils should we bring from India?
    2. Can we bring 220v mixer grinder and wet grinder and use voltage converter? Or can we buy directly in USA?
    3. How much spices like chilli powder, sambar powder, etc can we bring?
    4. Can we bring sesame oil, groundnut oil, rice, dals, etc or buy it directly there?

    We have 23x4 kg luggage so trying to see which items should we bring and which can be bought there. Items which are more expensive in USA, we can take from here but we dont know those items. We are thinking of sending items through courier service (500 per kg). So please share your thoughts.

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    1. Pressure Cookers. This is one thing you need to carry. Rest of the utensils you could get easily out here. As its only 2 of you, you can carry like, 2 medium size pressure cookers.
    2. I would NOT advise getting mixer grinder from India. You can easily get blender/grinder here, which can fulfill our use-cases.
    3. As you are moving into Dallas, TX, I would NOT advise you to get 'powders' and all as you get that easily out here. But you can carry some small items like 'asafoetida' which can be comparatively little expensive here.
    4. NO. There are 'customs' rule NOT to carry food stuff. Randomly, they may ask some to open the luggage. There are sniffer dogs also which catch hold of people carrying powders/leaves which emit strong smells.

    Hope this helps! Happy Journey!