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Window pension from India for OCI

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  • Window pension from India for OCI

    Hi there, I am posting these questions on behalf of a close friend (75 years old widow) and would appreciate your kind advice:
    1) Is Aadhar card mandatory for a widow of Indian origin to get pension of any kind such as vidhwa pension or survivor benefits or family pension? Kindly share the latest official links quoting these rules that I can refer to.
    2) What are the widow benefits schemes if her spouse was working in private multiple firms and not a Government employee?
    3) Should the widow be resident or living in India to apply or receive the survivor benefits? This is in connection with the widow who is a US citizen, is of Indian origin, and is an overseas citizen of India.

    Kindly send me the latest links with the rules for above.

    Thanks so much for any info or advice!
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