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Medical emergency in India and Kids school

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  • Medical emergency in India and Kids school

    Hi - We had to travel to india this month to deal with serious medical condition for family member. Our daughter (3rd grader in Cupertino SD) has OCI while we are US citizens on emergency indian visa. We may have to extend out stay in Mumbai to between 2-3 months. We were told that after 10 days of absence the school admission is canceled and we have to reenroll once we come back. Given that the emergency situation is taking longer - we are looking at options we can do for our daughters education 1) can we return after 3 months school absence, re enroll in public or private school - and not impact her 3rd grade to 4th grade move. 2) enroll her in international school locally in mumbai (any pointers?) . Has anyone here have experience with similar situation and have suggestions on whats the best way to ensure education for our daughter is not impacted. Thanks in advance.