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Baby travel to US - Boarding foil / Carrier documentation

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  • Baby travel to US - Boarding foil / Carrier documentation

    Hi, We are US green card holders and had our child born in India recently, and are coming back to US soon. While it is clear to me that the baby's entry to the US can happen just with passport and birth certificate and green card issued for the baby soon after coming to US, what's not clear is how to handle the Airlines and India departure immigration during our travel? Will they allow us to board, what would they need? I have come across getting a boarding foil / carrier documentation from US consulate, but it's not clear how to exactly to go about it and if it's needed. Appreciate insights and guidance from anyone who has been in this situation recently. Thanks very much.

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    The US government allows airlines to board the child in such a case without a boarding foil, but the airline doesn't have to let the child board, so you need to ask the airline. If the airline won't let the child board with just a birth certificate and the parent's green card, then you will need to file I-131A for a boarding foil at a US consulate.

    See the CBP carrier information guide, page 2:
    Child born abroad to lawful permanent resident may be boarded if the child was born during the temporary visit abroad of a mother who is a lawful permanent resident alien, or a national, of the United States. However, the child’s application for admission to the United States must be made within two years of birth and the child is accompanied by the parent who is applying for readmission as a permanent resident upon the first return of the parent to the United States after the birth of the child.
    And the I-131A page, under Special Instructions:
    If you have a child who was born outside the United States and is coming to the U.S. for the first time, you may need to request carrier documentation if:
    • You are an LPR or have an immigrant visa;
    • Your child is under 2 years old; and
    • Your child is traveling with you to come to the United States for the first time.
    We recommend checking with your airline or transportation carrier first to ensure they will board your child in these circumstances without carrier documentation. If the airline or transportation carrier refuses to board your child without carrier documentation, you will need to pay for and submit a Form I-131A for your child.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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