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health insurance for my elderly mother

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  • health insurance for my elderly mother

    My mother is a legal resident since 2007, she is 77 years old and until now she's been traveling to Mexico twice a year to visit family and for her doctor check up's. I've been searching for an affordable private health insurance, does anybody knows about a good company? so far, all the companies I have called are very expensive... I don't know what I'm going to do if she needs urgent medical care...Please help.


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    As she has been permanent resident for over 5 years and she is over the age of 65 years, she would be eligible to purchase Medicare. Please note that it is not free enrollment but purchase for price.

    Please contact the Social Security Administration for enrollment into Medicare.

    I am not sure who you have really called because once she is eligible to purchase Medicare, in general, she should not be able to purchase private health insurance. This may also depend upon the state she lives in.
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