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Sponsored immigrant parent moving to another state, her houshold income OR my income?

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  • Sponsored immigrant parent moving to another state, her houshold income OR my income?

    I am at loss and need help plz.. When I look on the obamacare websites they ask for household income.

    My mom who just arrived in the US, 60yo, single, i'm the only child, i am the affidavit of support sponsor.
    She is leaving my state (MN) and moving to CA in a month to be with her mother as my grandmother needs someone to be with her.
    I am getting her short term insurance ASAP for a month.
    I want to get her insured on regular insurance so she's in compliance with Obamacare. Via Covered California, their website asks for household income..
    Which household income? Her + grandmother OR My household income?

    My income is supposed to be considered, a qualifying income, when it comes to her getting a reduced/affordable insurance plan.

    I am married, combined wife and my pre-tax income is about 80k from last yr's income (2013), and potentially will be 100k in combined pre-tax income this 2014 yr. I have major school debt. My wife and I file Taxes separatly.

    Mother is here for a month, going to move permanently to CA in April or May

    Cannot get her MNsure (minnesota obamacare) since she will be in CA..

    My income is supposed to be used as a qualifying income for her,.... but she is living somewhere else, in another household, does she use her household income or mine?

    Do I enter my household income, can she be within my household / be a tax dependent and be living in another state?


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