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    My parents are coming to USA (both are 64 years old) by greencard, i am the sponsor. I hope someone can help and answer the questions.

    1. If they have their own health insurance in their home country (not USA), will they still need to buy the insurance to qualify the Obama Care?
    2. If I don't claim my parents as my dependents, and they don't file their own tax. Will it be possible to not buying the insurance in USA? I think IRS has no way to track if not file tax return.

    Thank you very much


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    Health Insurance

    The policy from their home country would not qualify as meeting the requirements of the ACA. You would have to purchase a domestic plan for them to meet the requirements of the ACA. You can find plans that do meet the requirements at domesticinsuranceusa.com.

    You are correct that if they do not file taxes then there won't be a way to track their insurance or lack of insurance. Of course, by choosing not to purchase insurance you are putting yourself in a financial risk but that of course is up to you. If anything happens to them and they need medical treatment that will cost you a lot of money.
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      If they have health insurance in another country,that obviously does not count as having Obamacare compliant insurance in the US.

      Please note that once they get the green card, they are considered permanent residents of the US. Therefore, their home country would be US, and not whatever their country of citizenship, country of origin, native country currently is. All permanent residents in the US are required to have the Obamacare compliant insurance for the entire year, or face financial penalty.

      As green card holder, they are required by law to file the income tax return in the US and declare their worldwide income to IRS.

      Irrespective of whether they have another insurance in another country, whether they are mandated by law to buy the insurance in the US, it is still important to have the health insurance in the US as the healthcare costs are very high.

      You can try domestic insurance plans at http://www.domesticinsuranceusa.com
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        Will new immigrant insurance qualify the ACA and tax return (require marketplace insurance)?