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What kind of questions to post here?

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  • What kind of questions to post here?

    * Recently, there have been several postings here where people are looking for free benefits, cheating the system, burdening the taxpayers, trying to use any possible loopholes to have US citizen baby born in the US, trying to use Medicaid or Medicare when they are not eligible and so on. Please note that this forum is NOT meant to seek help in any of such cases. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you.

    * If you have any questions related to Obamacare subsidy etc., please contact Obamacare directly or discuss directly with your CPA. Anyone here is unable to help here.

    * If you have any questions regarding legal impact of using any government benefits, please contact your immigration attorney.

    * Some people are already sick or in the hospital and trying to find insurance too late.

    In that case, what kind of questions to post here?

    - You are looking for insurance for any new medical conditions, injuries or accidents that may unexpectedly occur after the effective date of the policy.
    - You have tried to apply for Obamacare, Medicare etc. and you are ineligible. And you are looking for any alternatives.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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