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Car insurance for a fresh immigrant

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  • Car insurance for a fresh immigrant

    I'll buy a car in TX Usa for the first time as a new immigrant.

    I plan to buy the car with my existing drivers license, so TX license will be received after car will be bought. First of all, is it possible to do so?

    If yes, how much yearly car insurance cost should I expect considering that I'll be considered as a no-credit history and no-driving history client.

    Both your experience and knowledge is all welcomed.


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    Yes. You can buy car with your existing license. For insurance premium, please contact auto insurance agent.
    This is not a legal advice. Use at your own risk.


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      When there was a small accident due to my fault, I was very interested in one question. Can I change my insurance to another one? And whether the money invested in it will be returned to me So, it turned out that I could and the money was returned. It helped me a lot, at the time.
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