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    I was checkng these relatively cheaper health insurance options from insubuy.com.

    Both of them seem ok to me, as a fresh immigrant with no health plan -for now-.

    But there are 2 questions coming to my mind:

    1- Why these plans are cheaper? (comparing to those on healthcare.gov)

    2- By buying these plans do I get rid of fine for not being insured? (i mean the tax penalty)

    Thanks all for your replies.

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    The insurance plans we offer are only for those who do not qualify for domestic health insurance including from healthcare.gov

    Those plans are not ACA compliant. They don't have coverage for preventive check up, maternity, pre-existing conditions etc. Therefore, you are buying them as some better than nothing basis. Such plans are good for covering any new medical conditions, injuries or accidents that may unexpectedly occur after the effective date of the policy.

    You can't use them to waive the tax penalty.
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