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US insurance coverage while visiting home

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  • US insurance coverage while visiting home


    I was recently awarded my permission to stay and have a conditional green card (yay!).

    My question is regarding the medical insurance policy my husband has added for me since I have been here and became pregnant that covers me and my baby.
    He recently switched us over to Kaiser Permanente, which begins at the start of 2016 and I now plan to return to my home country (Australia) to give birth there so I will be receiving the care we need there for free and do not require the coverage from Kaiser we have started here.

    Is anybody familiar with how this works if I am not here for a few months - (possibly) a year? as my husband is convinced they will not stop, or remove, my coverage which makes no sense to me for them to charge us if I do not require it, especially considering it has not yet begun.

    Any advice or suggestion is appreciated.

    Thank you