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Which is Better - Insubuy.com, Sever Corners, or Visitorcoverage

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  • Which is Better - Insubuy.com, Sever Corners, or Visitorcoverage

    Hi All,

    I am trying to choose a health provider for my aunt, and have narrowed down to the following three companies. Sever Corners and VisitorCoverage are a little cheaper than Insubuy.com. HOWEVER, i don't want to go with one just because it is cheaper, so is wondering if anyone has any feedback of the three? Any "hidden" fees or other things that any of them don't tell you up front?

    thank you.

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    That is really not possible.

    As the insurance prices are regulated by law, for exact same product with the same parameters (age, duration, policy maximum, deductible etc.), the price would be the same everywhere.

    If you provide more information such as the parameters you are entering, and what difference you are seeing, we would be able to clarify for you.

    Alternatively, you can call our office at (866) INSUBUY and we would be able to find out where the difference (if any) is coming from.

    You can also read https://www.insubuy.com/why-purchase-from-insubuy/ for more details about why to purchase from Insubuy.
    Thanks & Regards
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