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Credit card declined - Inbound Immigrant

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  • Credit card declined - Inbound Immigrant

    I am on the website of "insubuy" in order to buy an insurance of "Inbound immigrant" ( https://www.insubuy.com/internationa...cal-insurance/.
    I complete my application but I have some problem to purchase my insurance. When i want to purchase, the message "ERROR: You have entered either an incorrect expiration date or an incorrect ***." appears. Concerning the expiration date i have no doubt. Concerning ***, here in France, it's the 3 last number behind the credit card. And it's not a problem with my credit card (Mastercard) because i try with my wife credit card (Visa)and it was the same problem. Could you please give me a solution as quick as possible,

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    The actual problem is that your credit card issuing bank is rejecting the transaction. This happens routinely to customers.

    You need to call the phone number on the credit card and ask them to manually authorize the amount of charge and try aplying again after that. It would go through then.

    Please let me know if you need any other help.
    Thanks & Regards
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