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Health Insurance for Elderly/Migrating Parent

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  • Health Insurance for Elderly/Migrating Parent

    Greetings. Hoping to get some tips and/or advice on an immigration/health insurance predicament. My wife and I are looking to sponsor her mother’s immigration from the Philippines to come live with us. She is approaching 86 y.o., her lease agreement is running out on her apartment, doesn’t have any family over there in a position to take care of her, and reaching an age where she’s no longer a good candidate for living alone.

    The thing that concerns us is her health care options once she arrives. I called Kaiser to see if she can be included in our family coverage and they said we’d have to go through Covered Ca. I went to Covered Ca. and they said there was nothing she qualified for (because of her age an pending immigration status) and that we’d have to talk with Social Services. Social Services doesn’t return phone calls.

    Taking the risk of NOT insuring her, with her potentially needing some complicated procedure, could very well wipe out the little we have saved for our own retirement. I’ve looked at some expensive “Bridge” policies but they’re pretty brutal in regard to pre-existing conditions and excluding anyone with diabetes. We are really in the dark with this and hoping someone might have gone through this themselves or might have some insights into these circumstances.


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    You can look at the available insurance plans at https://www.insubuy.com/new-immigrant-insurance/

    Once you go through them, please let us know if you have any questions.

    Please note that not insuring her is an option any longer. From Nov 3, 2019, new rule is effective. Look at https://www.insubuy.com/immigrant-vi...cal-insurance/
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