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How does employer health insurance work?

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  • How does employer health insurance work?

    I recently moved to the USA and started a new job. Can you explain how employer health insurance works, including the enrollment process, plan options, coverage details, costs, adding dependents, and any special programs or legal requirements I should be aware of?

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    Employer health insurance typically involves choosing a plan during open enrollment, with options varying in coverage and costs. You'll pay premiums, sometimes with co-pays and deductibles. You can add dependents during enrollment. Check for special programs like wellness incentives. Be aware of legal requirements like the Affordable Care Act. Also weith a good health insurance it is wise to have a good injury lawyer. Here is a link to a good one company to follow - https://www.bergellaw.com/personal-i...ille-accident/‚Äč . Stay healthy, safe and know your rights!
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