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What tyoe of insurance (F-1 or OPT ?) when waiting for OPT approval

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  • What tyoe of insurance (F-1 or OPT ?) when waiting for OPT approval

    Hi, I am an international student studying in the US. I just graduated and my university health insurance will expire on Aug 15, 2016. My OPT start date will be September 15, 2016. But I am still waiting for its approval. I want to purchase health insurance for the time between Aug 15-Sep 15. Can I buy the insurance on https://www.insubuy.com/? If yes, should I buy the insurance for F-1 student or OPT? Thank you very much!

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    OPT, as you will still be eligible to purchase the insurance plans listed under OPT section.
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      If I buy the OPT insurance, will that be effective now? Since my OPT has not been approved yet. Thank you!


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        OPT insurance is technically not just for people on OPT status.

        It is for anyone outside their home country.

        Even tourists can buy.
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          Once your OPT is approved, if you secure employment, your employer may offer health insurance benefits. In this case, you may transition to your employer's health insurance plan. Employers often provide health insurance as part of their benefits package.