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Pregnancy insurance - J visa

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  • insubuy

    Unfortunately, there is no insurance which covers maternity if you are already pregnant.

    You still need to purchase insurance that meet J1/J2 visa requirements. Here is the link for J1/J2 visa insurance but again none of the plan will cover maternity if you are already pregnant.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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    started a topic Pregnancy insurance - J visa

    Pregnancy insurance - J visa

    Dear sir/madam;
    My husband got a research position at yale university with a j1 visa and I am a j2 visa holder and we are going to the US , New Haven, next month,march 2017,
    We want to purchase an insurance for both of us;
    I am 22 weeks pregnant now;
    And I am looking for a insurance company that cover my delivery and pre and postnatal care,
    My labor date may be on first july;
    I want to know whether your insurance company will cover my situation.

    Best regards,