My Wife is on O3 Visa, original expiry date was in Aug 2018,however, it was extended to 2019 earlier this year. Based on original O3 and her passport her driver licence expired in Aug 2018. We went to renew it with new O3 expiry date which is in 2019, however, they Penn Dot system could not recognize new expiry date of visa and they could not renew DL and asked us to wait, for upto 23 days. After 23 days we still did not get a letter to get DL renewed,system is still down, Penn dot said, the system is down and not sure how long it could take, it may take upto 6 months to a year in worst case. Its very inconvenient. has any one else faced t his problem ? how I can I expedite the process, its not our fault, out status is up to date. We are also expecting GC in new financial year, however, I dont know if that would help.
Thanks in advance.