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Tourist Visa Fiance questions

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  • Tourist Visa Fiance questions

    Here is my situation. I am going to get married with my fiance but she has a tourist visa card to be able to visit USA from Mexico.
    I was looking into this immigration stuff and I see there are 2 options to go with.

    1. is to get the K-1 Fiance permit

    2. is the I-130 for a resident alien.

    I guess my questions are as follows.

    If we got for the K-1 obviously she can visit here and we can get married and then soon after will need to request an adjustment of status that when we submit the I-130.
    Looks like its 535 for the K-1 and then I think another 1,000 approx.

    Now on the I-130 here's my question.

    If we just get married off the bat without getting the K-1 permit can we get married in the USA? Then apply for the I-130 green card?


    do we need to get married in Mexico she stays in Mexico while the process of the I-130 gets done?


    Do we get married in Mexico apply for the I-130 is she able to come to the USA while we wait for the green card?


    We get married in Mexico we submit the I-130 green card and while she has the VISA (tourist) she gets a permit to come to the USA and just keeps going back to Mexico and renewing the permit?

    I hope I am asking the right questions here.
    I am trying to see what's the easiest and fastest way and legally for her to be able to come to the USA once we get married.

    Thank you,

    Not sure if I posted in the right Thread If I didn't it please let me know for I can post in the right area.