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Staying in Thailand on a tourist visa repeatedly

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  • Staying in Thailand on a tourist visa repeatedly

    Hello everyone,,

    I'm currently on my third tourist visa (the first two were consecutive; there was a month-long break before the third one as I was traveling other countries) and thinking about studying in Thailand, but would like to also know the likelihood of me getting a fourth tourist visa as a backup plan. I've read stories of people getting a red stamp in their passport along with the visa banning them to stay in the country as a tourist in the future, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on this. If anyone on here knows about the current situation regarding repeated tourist visas (basically, how many is too many), I would very much appreciate any info.showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate.vet/

    (FWIW I am from Russia and if I decide to try my luck with another tourist visa, I will probably do it in Vientiane)
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