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Earning from India via freelance blogging

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  • Earning from India via freelance blogging

    Hi - I was on H1B and returned to India in Dec 2017. I would like to know if its legal to earn in my US Bank account in dollars by working as a freelance writer from India. I will be paying tax as per the law and there is no questions on that. Appreciate experts advice on this.

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    Why do you still have US bank accounts since you are not a citizen or PR ?
    Best approach would be to have the US company (that hires you for your project / freelance work) pay you into the Indian account.
    You are not subject to US taxes since your H1 ended, you are outside the country and not a US citizen or PR
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.


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      I have closed the US bank account. I am planning to earn from US based company via freelance blogging and they pay in USD. Since I do not have accounts in the USA bank, there is an option to create virtual bank account using Payoneer. I would like to know if this is legal and also am I subjected to tax in the USA. Appreciate your advice on this as I do not wish to continue on this plan if its not legal.
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