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How to plan your time correctly?

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  • How to plan your time correctly?

    How to plan your time correctly? Is it difficult to study in college while traveling? I often have trouble completing college assignments because I have little time or when I have problems I have no one to turn to for help. How can I fix this?

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    This is a very relevant question for me now. I recently entered college and I'm not used to having as many writing assignments as this month, so I have some problems with this. My roommates suggested one special portal to me, where I could find interesting articles and useful tutorials for my studies. Take a look here , it seems to me that it might be interesting for you.
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      This article is really very simple and straightforward explanation. I found complete guide to writing my essay here. Thank you for helping me with this! I think that thanks to your help I will be able to cope with this task faster.