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Am I eligible for Eb2?

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  • Am I eligible for Eb2?


    I did my Masters in Electrical Engineering from a US institution. I have another Masters from Bangladesh. I have 1.5 year USA working experience. Can I apply for Green Card by contacting attorney, if my company does nt sponsor for green card.I am currently working in a semiconductor company.

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    You probably would qualify for EB-2, but your employer has to file PERM. You can't do it on your own.

    It requires that your employer requires someone to do the job with an advanced degree (ie a BSEE only guy can't do the job) and that your masters degree from Bangladesh be deemed a foreign-equivalent of a US masters degree


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      Since you mention that you would like to apply for EB2 on your own if your employer does not process your GC, I am guessing you are asking about EB2-NIW. The qualification criteria for NIW are quite stringent, and commenting on the merits of the case without any detailed knowledge of the particulars is futile. All I can say is you would not be far off if you consider NIW petitions as EB1A petition lite, in terms of qualification criteria. In the end it may even come down that you would be better off finding an employer who is willing to file a EB2 or EB3 petition on your behalf. But once again more details regarding your exact case (for e.g., the basis for the NIW, etc.) are needed to be able to comment.
      Just an opinion; Not legal advice.