Hi there,

please let me explain my situation. I am from Czech Republic, where I have achieved multiple successes, I was frequent speaker on conferences (on software development and software development management), built a successful busines, was judge etc.

I am thinking what kind of visa would be the best for me.

I am in the USA now on B-2 ending in March (I-485 to be prolonged to September is sent).
Top priority: I'd love to get result as soon as possible.
Top priority: I prefer green card over work visa.
Priority (not top): I'd love to get my visa without needing to leave the USA. But if it's needed, I can handle it. Not having to go to my country of origin (over ocean back to EU) and going for example to Canada to temporarily stay out of USA is preferred if the stay will be 1 month or less.

Now my situation.

I believe I am valid for EB-1A:
- One of the biggest magazins in Czech published a text quoting me.
- I was judge in the biggest Czech website competition. I was also judging startups on Google Developer Days.
- I have published over 400 articles on topic of management, I was speaking on dozens of conferences, not only in Czech Republic.
- My salary is way higher than other software developers or IT managers in Czech Republic (US salaries are much higher and for US developer, my income is not that stellar, but in Czech Republic I believe I belong to zero point something top earners).
- I have letters from 5

I also believe I am valid for EB-3
- I am owner and manager of successful (fast growing, we could be in Deloitte Fast 50 CE if we registered) busines in Czech Republic.
- I work here for almost 2 years.
- I have a company in the USA. This company exists for one year. Both companies has the same owner (me), same name, share the same website, do business together. However US company only exists, it's not invoicing yet and didn't fill any tax returns yet. It has no employees. It has EIN. It doesn't have US bank account. It doesn't have PERM Labor Cert.
- My company in Czech works with people from 11 countries on 3 continents and provides services to companies in 5 countries on 2 continents. We are international.
- I can find a bookkeeper (on Form-1099) and start invoicing at least something from the US company if needed.

And I believe I am valid for L-1A too. For the same reasons as EB-3.

Side note, that might be relevant. I have Master degree in Business&Economy.

I am filling everything myself. I tried an immigration lawyer, but I felt price per value ratio wasn't that good. I will however pay some consultations from immigration lawyer to check my materials before filling.

So my questions:
1) Can I register for EB-1A while in USA on B-2?
2) If not, can I fill from Canada, or I have to go back to my country of residence?
3) What's the fastest visa? (I can pay for premium processing)
4) What are my chances to get visa and when?
5) What are my chances to get permanent visa before March?

Thanks a lot!