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NIW EB2 confused.

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  • NIW EB2 confused.

    I am a postdoc fellow with a Ph.D from India. I spoke to lawyers about Green card through NIW but got very diverse opinions. One lawyer says it takes many years while another says it can be done in a year. I would be applying for EB2 NIW. Please someone clarify how to go about it. Can I do it on my own? How much does it cost if I go through a lawyer. My credentials are as follows

    18 publications
    50 citations
    2 book chapters
    4 conference presentations
    Grants from important agencies

    Please say how strong a case can be for EB2 NIW. Thanks

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    If you qualify for EB-2 NIW, your case will take years besed on the visa bulletin for India. USCIS is supposedly processing cases filed with PDs before April 2004 (EB-2). I would think that the lawyer is correct.

    For costs, I suggest you ask some Attorney's and get their help.
    Check out H1 FAQs first!


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      since so many publications, try in EB-1 extar ordinary category. it is current