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Help - 1st-time posting on obtaining Employment Green Card

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  • Help - 1st-time posting on obtaining Employment Green Card

    Should a lawyer be hired or do the process myself?
    I have a specialized position at the university (may even qualify in the national interest to by pass the Labor Certification) I graduated with a Masters degree and have been employed by the same university (now with a work visa) for a few years. I hear horror stories on getting an Employment Green Card which makes me want to just hire a lawyer for this process. A friend of mine did the paper work for his wife on a Family based Green Card and is willing to help me. He is recommending I try by myself and then only hire a lawyer if rejected after several attempts (I may qualify for any quota including EB1 and EB2) and the university is willing to go through the Labor Certification.

    If you have a similar experience please advise.

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    its a long process ...u cannot take too many chances ......get a lawyer....or go thru the univ lawyer if they can help


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      btw family based applicn is much easier than employment based