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NIW CP in delhi India

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  • NIW CP in delhi India

    Hi, My I140 just get approved under NIW (self petition) category. My priority date is jan 2000. I want to apply for CP in delhi but my lawyer is skeptical as it is a self petition and had one RFE in I140 and that there are no known cases of self petition cases going for CP. Is CP a big risk for such case?
    I have had no illegal stay in this country and have a job offer.
    Thabks for help.

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    NIW EB2

    Dear immihelp,
    I have been intimated that my application under NIW E2b has been approved.
    I have never been to USA before.
    I had applied from Delhi thru an attorney.
    Can someone guide me as to what to expect at the time of interviw.?
    Has any one gone thru a similar category?
    Any suggestion comments are welcome as I am nervous.
    I do not have a job lined up as yet and being a medical professional without clearing the basic USMLE etc what are the problems /difficulties expected.
    Your views will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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      Dear Gandlur

      Could you please tell me whether you needed any kind of verification for time served in HPSA at the time of interview.
      Thanks for the info.