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I-485/London assignment/overseas trip for marriage

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  • I-485/London assignment/overseas trip for marriage

    Hello Immihelp:

    I got my I-140 approved for EB1(Extraordinary Ability)
    and need to apply for I-485. I need advice if I need
    to postpone filing I-485 untill I get married (as I need to go to India). Also, I have been assigned to work in London for 6 months. And I need to get multiple entry stamping to travel outside. This is what I intend to do and please let me know if this ok:

    -Get multiple entry stamping in US consulate in Canada
    -Get married
    -File I-485
    -Take London appointment

    1. I'm opting for multiple entry stamping as it would
    enable me to travel to India as well as London and
    come back. Would L1 be a better option? If so can I
    get L1 multiple entry visa from my existing H1b
    status(no multiple entry).

    2. Do I have to wait until I get married to file for
    my I 485 to prevent restarting the whole process.

    3. Is consular processing in London advisable? I heard
    it takes lesser time.. but I'm not sure.

    4. Do I need to apply for EAD/Adv Parole to travel outside and be able to enter US?

    5. I also applied I-140 in EB2 (Natn. Interest Waiver)
    category along with EB1 (Ext. Ability). No decision has
    been made on this. If this also gets approved, can another I-485 be applied in this category as well to see which one goes through successfully?

    Please advice and thanks a lot.