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General question about NIW condition and eligibility

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  • General question about NIW condition and eligibility

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a french citizen currently living in Montreal, Canada, and I am now looking to get into the US for the very long term.
    I have read quite a bit about the National Interest Waiver but I am a little bit confused for the qualifiers.

    For context I hold two degrees, a bachelors with honors and a masters degree, both in Computer Science, and I have been working for over 10 years in the field as business analyst and project manager. I have experience in a LOT of industries (there more I worked in than not) and been working a lot with cryptocurrency.

    So for my questions :
    1. Would such experience qualify for NIW ?
    2. Is lawyer letter absolutely required or can it be written be the applicant ? If so, what should be the emphasis ?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Arlequin,

    You can fill your NIW by yourself however, a lawyer as much more experience in writing the letters and emphasis your qualifications.
    As long as you can illustrate your work with conferences that you had presented to, articles published.. you should be fine.
    I just got approved for NIW in September, I am a veterinarian from Belgium (french speaker so happy to share my experience if you need to) but working in research for 5 years in the States now, I did it with a lawyer and would not change anything to it!

    Bonne chance et je suis heureuse d'aider si je peux!