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From academia to industry - will it make problems for NIW-based petition?

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  • From academia to industry - will it make problems for NIW-based petition?

    I am applying as EB2-NIW (self-petition, prepared myself, without a lawyer). My whole previous work was in academia (in the field of cancer research), in my motivation letter all three prongs are about cancer research also, but I didn't specify whether I plan to stay in academia. Now, in case if everything goes smooth and I get my EAD - what if I start working (hopefully also in cancer-related field) but not in academia - say, biotech/pharma etc. I found many sources saying that it is possible in general as long as you keep the same "field of work" - but I couldn't find any specifics, for example, should I prepare some specific documents for the interview, or refer to some specific official classifier of job duties, etc. Will be grateful for any hints.
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    Hello all I am new in this site but hope to have some advice about my problem. Applied for asylum in 2014 and married to USC in 2017. Went for 1st interview and preparing for 2nd interview. But the marriage is falling apart. My husband is psychologically and emotionally abusif. I found out that he has a 2 years old child and when I try to understand how this happens he became abusive and telling me he won't come if they call for interview we don't have sex anymore and he doesn't want to come home anymore if I call or text he doesn't want to answer. He works at another state but we live together in NY. Do you think I can file for vawa. Thank you for your help