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Processing time for I-40 and I-485 in Texas Center

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  • Processing time for I-40 and I-485 in Texas Center

    My attorney is applying on my behalf for EB2-NIW in Texas and the filing will be roughly in about a month. I checked the processing time on the USCIS website and it shows 12-29 months for I-140, and 10-18 months for I-485 employment (EB1 and 2). My attorney thinks it will take between 12-18 months too.
    I wonder for those applying to EB2, what was their experience. How fast the I-140 and the 485 were approved?


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    I filed concurrently. PD 7/8/19. I-140 approved after 14 months and I-485 just approved after 27 months. It also depends where you are. If you are not in Texas, your forms may be transferred to a field office around your area or one that has fewer cases. Mine application was transferred three times before coming to my local field office.


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      If your I-485 was approved 27 months from the PD July 7th 2019, would not that make the approval date, 27 months later, November 8th, 2021 which is next week?. I wonder if I misunderstood what you said?


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        To be precise, it was approved after 26 months and 17 days, haha


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          I retained a new attorney for the I-40. I was wondering did you hire your attorney to file all paperwork on your behalf including I-140 and I-485?. I hired actually a law firm and they seem very well organized. However, there is a separate fee of $1500 for the I-485.


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            My attorney fees covered work on all forms. Form filing fee was not part of the attorney fees. If an RFE is requested, you may have to pay an extra charge.