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EB1-A portability when employer petitioned

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  • EB1-A portability when employer petitioned

    Hi, My employer has filed for an EB1-A for me, they are the petitioner and I am the beneficiary (so NOT self-petitioned). It was a concurrent filing with I-485. I had a couple of questions:

    1. Once the I-140 is approved, can I change my employer and keep the process going or would I have to wait for I-485 to be pending for 180 days?

    2. I might want to delay getting a green card for a year as I plan to marry sometime next year. Can I withdraw I-485 after I-140 approval and then on my own file for I-485 along with my future spouse or do consular processing depending on my situation at that time? This is because if I-485 gets approved, it would be a really long wait for my future spouse to get a green card.

    And I realize all of this is contingent on I-40 approval but I want to plan ahead and would also determine actions such as requesting my employer for a premium processing upgrade.‚Äč Thanks!