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Cancellation of Family Reunion (Type D) Italian Schengen Visa

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  • Cancellation of Family Reunion (Type D) Italian Schengen Visa


    My wife had applied for Family Reunion (Type D) Italian Schengen Visa and she entered in Italy as per that. As a rule one has to apply for Resident permit (RP) within 8 days.
    My wife did but we were told that first a House Eligibility Certificate is required. It takes around 2.5 months to get one, but RP has to be applied within 8 days. We told the immigration authorities about that but they said that there would not be any problem and we should get the House Eligibility certificate first. After around 2.5 months, our House Eligibility Certificate got rejected due to some technical reasons in the house we took on rent. We informed the same to the immigration authorities and asked them if we should apply with a new house/ hotel. They said that as already lots of time has passed and the 8 days rule of RP is there, my wife will have to leave the country and they cannot do anything about it. My wife immediately left and went back to our home country - India.
    I am in Italy & my wife is in India right now.

    Now I want to cancel the Family Reunion (Type D) visa as my wife cannot enter Italy till the time that is valid (1 year) and apply for a tourist visa so that she can atleast come for 3 months.

    My worries are will the consulate cancel with a "Cancelled without prejudice" stamp or "Cancelled with prejudice". If it is "Cancelled with prejudice" will it impact getting Schengen (and other countries) visas in future?

    Kindly help & suggest what should I do.