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Schengen Visa for housewife whos immigrating to US?

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  • Schengen Visa for housewife whos immigrating to US?


    I am posting this question for anyone who might have had some experience with this. My wife, who is a housewife in Pakistan recently got her IV visa approved and passport in hand. Now she is insisting that I come to pick her up. She doesn't want to travel alone. I visited her a few months ago, and so I was thinking if I have to make this trip, we might as well travel somewhere else en route.

    So, we decided to stopover in Greece for a few days. Since she is still a pakistani citizen, she needs a schengen visa to be able to visit Greece. If anyone has experience obtaining schengen visa for a spouse, can you please help shed some light on the likelihood of successfully getting a schengen visa issued? I read up on the requirements for a schengen visa and I see that they require proof of employment and bank balance. My wife is a homemaker, she doesn't work, and has very little in her bank account., however I am a US citizen with who owns a successful business and have a nice bank balance. Can I attach my documents with her schengen visa application? As a USC I do not require schengen visa to travel to Greece but what if I attach my bank statements as her husband and job letter along with our marriage certificate, our hotel reservations, airline tickets to Greece and copy of my US passport will that get her approved for a schengen visa to visit Greece? We only plan on staying a few days in Greece and will have our onwards ticket to travel forward to the US after our stay in Greece.

    We did the same thing for her Indonesian visa when we wanted to travel to Bali. Applied for her visa and attached my proof of funds, marriage cretificate as proof of relation and it got approved.