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American Wife & Indian Husband apply for Schengen Visa

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  • American Wife & Indian Husband apply for Schengen Visa


    So as the title of this thread suggest, I am an Indian Citizen while my wife is an American Citizen. We got married last month and she has went back to US as her job is over there.

    Now we are planning to visit Europe (Mostly Schengen Area) next month for a small vacation. Now the dilemma is that as she is US citizen she does not require a Visa to enter Schengen area while I am an Indian national so I require a visa to enter Schengen Visa. Also we would be arriving differently (Different Origins of flights to the first place of entry in Schengen area) and leaving differently.

    So how can I apply for the Visa such that the visa authorities come to know that we are traveling together? Also she has already submitted my Immigration Visa petition (I-130) in USCIS so I will be migrating to US as she does not want to move to India. Will this be considered while making Visa decision?

    Any advice in this situation would greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    P.S.: Also please suggest if my previous visa rejections (prior to marriage - 1 year ago & 1.5 years ago) will affect my Visa application?