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Need assistance with transit visa Frankfurt

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  • Need assistance with transit visa Frankfurt

    Anyone here has experiences with transit visa for Frankfurt( Germany) .. I am in a dillema and any help or pointers would be highly appreciated.

    I will be flying to Tirana (TIA) Airport in Albania via Frankfurt (FRA), Germany from Mumbai (BOM). I am a citizen of India and hold an Indian Passport and traveling for the purpose of tourism.

    My flight from Mumbai to Frankfurt is on Air India Airlines ( airlines staff open ticket- unconfirmed) and flight from Frankfurt to Tirana is on a confirmed Lufthansa Airlines (operated by Lufthansa City Line). Both the tickets are on different PNR numbers. The transit time between the two flights is less than 12 hours and both connect from the same airport FRA-Frankfurt am Main.

    I currently also hold a valid R1 type B1/B2 tourist visa for the United States of America valid until 2024 and previously used to visit USA for tourism purpose.

    I wish to know if I will need to apply for a transit or tourist Schengen via for my planned travel? As per the information is given on the website, I believe I will not need a transit visa. Quoting below-


    " Still, there are some categories of people, who may be nationals of the above-mentioned countries, but if they belong to one of the following they do not need to obtain a visa of this kind:

    ยง holder of a US valid visa "

    Can someone please provide some information or clarity or point me in the right direction? I have already emailed German consulate in Mumbai and yet to hear back from them.