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Schengen visa - duration of stay

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  • Schengen visa - duration of stay


    I have a Schengen visa which is valid up to June, 2021. It is type C multiple entry visa with a duration of stay mentioned as 90 days. I have consumed 67 days of my travel so far. Can someone please explain how the duration of stay can be utilized? I heard from someone that the duration of 90 days is valid for period of 180 days i.e. I can stay for 90 days during any period of 180 days as long as visa is valid. Someone else informed me that I can stay only up to 90 days collectively in 5 years of my visa validity. Can someone please explain the duration of stay? Do I have only 23 days of stay left or I can stay more?

    What if I exhaust the duration of stay before 2012? Can I apply for a new Schengen business visa? Kindly respond at the earliest.