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h4 and h1 transfer x

  • Gaurav3108
    started a topic h4 travel after h1b transfer

    h4 travel after h1b transfer

    I have a situation where I need the correct information-

    1) My h1b was transferred to a new Employer in June 2017 and I got my h1b approval notice.
    2) my earlier h1b was approved till May 2018 , means we have I-94 till May 2018
    3) My wife's h4 is still not approved and waiting...
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  • vikikhana
    started a topic H1B extension + H4 application

    H1B extension + H4 application

    I am visiting India in December 2014 and will be getting married. I had a few questions about the H1B re-stamping process and H4 application.

    I joined my current company in July 2012. The H1B visa on my passport reflects the name of my previous employer. My current...
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  • Urgent : H4 Visa transfer on H1B transfer

    My wife has got her H4 Visa stamped on Feb 2014 and has validity till April 2015, but she couldn't travel with me to US as she had to complete her studies.

    After reaching back at US, I switched my Company A(H1B valid till April 2015) and got my H1 transferred to Company B(H1B valid till...
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  • H4 stamping for company B while H1 is with Company A

    I have my H1 Visa with company A till July31st. I have applied for a H1 transfer and got my new I-797 till Sept-2013. I am planning to get married in May, can my wife go to H4 stamping with my new I-797 and i stay on old Visa? Should I accompany her for stamping?
    Do I need to go for stamping...
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