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    Aug 2011

    Default I-601 Waiver-Letter received

    Hi Guys,
    I am back with some terrible news. Today my attorney Sec called me and told that they received a letter about my case. ( Still I didn't receive the copy yet, on my home address)

    The letter stated that the IO is not satisfied with the evidence I provided at the interview and due to misrepresentation he can't approve my I-485. The letter stated that I can filled a I-601 Waiver and submit the documents to (the same officer who took the interview) on dated June 29 at xxx time.

    I think you guys knows the story.
    - USCIS receive my documents on May 23, 2011.
    - EAD approved on JULY 17, 2011.
    - Interview dated on AUG 24, 2011. ( The officer was so mean and he got all the documents and handed a letter stating I will receive the decision in 6O days)
    - Got I-130 approval on Aug 28,2011
    - Went by infopass on Nov 12, 2011 - The info pass IO said it is in security processing.
    - Went by infopass on Feb 12, 2012 - The info pass IO told, case under review and they might visit our home. ( Till now no body visited)
    - Opened a Service request on April 24, 2012
    - Received a letter stating the file is ordered from record section and you will receive a decission.
    - On May 31, 2012 received letter - stating I-485 is cant approve, file I 601 waiver.

    Any body know how to proceed please help me out. I am so tense and nervous.

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    Apr 2012


    There must be a reason for denial that is why I-601Waiver is requested. What you may need to do is, identify the reason of denial, download the I-600 instructions from USCIS site, also download I-600 form, read everything carefully, see what kind of documents you may need to justify the waiver, fill out the I-600 duly, attach all the documents to your I-600 and post it to the USCIS with a copy of denial letter.

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    Aug 2011


    I hired an attorney. The IO didn't mentioned in the letter what actually is it. But I figured out that previously I submitted AOS through Employment and the company was closed due to some partnership issues and it got investigated by the DA. My case was abondened and utimately denaied. I never received deniel letter.

    My attorney will write all the details and also submit the hardship waiver along with the Psycho analyst report. ( I already been with the Pyschologist to evaluate and write his opinion).
    Thanks for your reply osweiti50.

    The IO send this letter nearly a year after the interview.

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